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Česká republika, Slovensko:

ACHETA farm Food insect farm, terraristic online shop, in Czech
Arachne.sk - Web pages of Stefan Geleta.
ARACHNID Beautiful website of Tomas Jerabek, our senior tarantula breeder, articles and photos of tarantulas and another invertebrates
Arachnomania - Web pages of Michal Toran - amateur arachnologist.
Eurofauna International breeding ads
iFauna - Breeding ads in Czech language
Lasiodora Nice private pages , gallery, advices, forum, ads. Only in slovak language.
Kaderka Radan - odborné stránky věnované systematice sklípkanů, fotogalerie, in english
Nývlt Jiří - Web pages of my friend Jiri Nyvlt and his presentation. In Czech and German.
Spídyho stránky - webpage of Ondrej Rehak - tarantulas and another invertebrates, excellent gallery
Sklípkani.cz Big gallery,many links. Pages in english, german and russian language.
TERINS - Food insect farm, only in Czech
Theraphosidae Web pages of Slava Honsa

Foreign links


Australasian Arachnological Society (AAS)
Baboonspiders.de Theraphosidae of Africa and the Middle East
British tarantula society
Groupe D'etude Des Arachnides (G.E.A. Group)
Tarantula: Rick West
The Tarantula Store
World Spider Catalog

Other invertebrates

Scolopendromorpha keeping, breeding, gallery, in english
Scolopendra.be another interesting web, gallery, in english
Scolopendra.eu keeping, breeding, gallery, forum, links, ads, in german
The Scorpion Fauna excellent pages with scorpio informations, great gallery, in english and french

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